You know you are now in the retail business when…

I am an extremely organized person…usually .  But there is one glaring exception.  I love Christmas and all things Christmas but I am a horrible Christmas procrastinator.  I mean terrible.  I have been known to be out buying wine, groceries and even Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve.  And this has not happened just once but instead it is a normal course of events every year.  Just ask my family.  I love to host the annual Christmas Day gathering for our large clan but drive my Aunts crazy by not sending out invitations or announcements early or circulating a list of what foods everyone is bringing or what is needed.  It has gotten so late that on occasion my Aunts have taken matters into their own hands and started circulating the list for me!  So as you may assume though I love Christmas I have a hard and fast rule that there can be no Christmas music played or decoration hung before the day after Thanksgiving.

Well,  Welcome to The Retail World!   Suddenly I found myself browsing catalogs of book relatedChristmas gifts and decorations in the 100 degree heat of summer!!! How am I supposed to be in the mood for this?  And what am  supposed to do in December ?  I mean in my mind half the fun of December is the stressful run to the Christmas Day finish line!

Here I am thinking “What puzzles would people like to give as gifts?” (I decided on Fine Art Reproductions – even included The Last Supper!) , and “what books will make nice gifts?” (we have a lovely embossed boxed copy of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol on the way.  – Which reminds methose who know of my husband’s favorite Christmas night activity will understand when I suddenly realize I must immediately order copies of Shakespeare’s Henry V).  We just received new South Louisiana styled blank cards perfect for holiday greetings and lots of story books and coloring books with Louisiana Christmas themes. 

So life has changed, but it was bound to happen eventually so I guess I may as well join the crowd and let you knowTHERE ARE ONLY 58 DAYS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!  (I’m sorry that still sounds like forever to me, I’ll get there – but you better start shopping!)

P.S.:  As if Christmas planning in September and October isn’t weird, enough guess what arrived today?  Oh, that’s right, it was 2017 planners.  (Actually some really cool ones with inspirational quotes and others that are adult coloring books made into planners so you can “Color me Organized” every day of the year…but I digress.) .  Anyway, yes, so not only am I planning Christmas while still wearing sleeveless blouses but I actually have a planner before New Years Day – and you can too!