Where do you Read? When do you Read? And the discoveries and devices that make it possible.

I often hear people say they simply don’t have time to read.  How is that possible?  Isn’t all time actually reading time?  That said I do have my favorite times and places to read which isn’t always physically easy but thanks to a little ingenuity, a pinch of creativity and a bit of luck you can actually read A REAL BOOK just about anywhere. 

We all have favorite places and times to read.  For me one of those is when eating alone.  It is a habit gained when I used to travel daily as part of my sales career.  Eating every meal in your car or in a hotel room gets old really fast and is anything but relaxing .  Yet sitting at a restaurant table staring out into space or heaven forbid accidentally making eye contact with another lone diner makes you look either rather conspicuous , desperate or a combination of the two.  So how do you handle this conundrum ? Why you carry a trusty friend in the form of a book everywhere you go and you will never eat alone!  But of course losing yourself in a book while eating is difficult if the book won’t stay open on its own at the table, particularly if you have ordered something like a steak requiring the use of both a fork and a knife and therefore the use of both hands.   Enter discovery number 1, the Easy BookClip.  What you may ask is an Easy BookClip? Well it looks like piece of metal coat hanger coated in latex and bent into something resembling a headless stick man doing toe touches.  My Easy BookClip was a gift with purchase when I subscribed to The Book of The Month Club several decades ago.  Basically you slide it into your book with the “arms” on the page you are reading and the “legs” tucked into pages on either side and it holds your book open.  Over the intervening 20 or so years I have lost it, searched for it , found it and sworn to never lose it again and then the other night I found the company that distributes them to retailers (thank you to my iPad and insomnia for that little find) so now I will never be without an Easy BookClip when I need one again – and soon you won’t have to be either , I know a bookstore that is about to start carrying them!

One of my other favorite times and places to read is while soaking in a hot bath.  We all know a 20 minute soak in epsom salts , perhaps with a bit of eucalyptus or lavender essential oil added,  is good for you but just soaking for 20 minutes with nothing to read sounds to me like the epitome of boring !  Add a good book to that picture and now in the words of a commercial from a bath product of yore “Take me Away”.  But how do you keep your book dry while you soak?  My favorite discovery for this task is the plexiglass fronted cookbook stand.  Available at any kitchen store and originally designed to keep your cookbook protected from cooking splatter it is also good at keeping your book dry and perched at the perfect viewing angle while bathing.  

I also like to read while waiting for appointments, getting my hair cut and of course while sitting on the porch to name just a few more options.  One of my favorite discoveries happened last night when I was reading while washing the dishes.  You see as I was opening my book to put it in my handy dandy cookbook stand I dropped my bookmark into a sink full of hot water.  I was not terribly upset, it was one of the new bookmarks I have ordered to give away at my bookshop so of course I literally have thousands of them but the surprising thing was that after about a full 20 or 30 seconds I pulled the bookmark from the sink and wiped it on a dishtowel and left it on the counter.  When I finished washing the dishes I picked it up to throw it away but it was not ruined, it was perfectly dry! It seems as though I ordered some kind of at least semi water resistant finish on our bookmarks.  I simply cannot tell you how happy this made me – it’s the little things you know.  So happy I just had to make this the topic of today’s blog, hope it made you at least a little happy too.  Oh, and come on by The Conundrum and get yourself a seemingly water-resistant bookmark… free with any purchase of course!


Quotes of the Day:

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance”.   – Confucious

(or said differently) : “The more you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss