Hello Summer

Welcome to summer in south Louisiana.  It’s hot, it rains, it’s steamy , it’s humid but it is also fabulously relaxed , the seafood is abundant and (knock on wood) the air conditioner works just fine! 

So what do you do when it is just too hot to move and there is no way you will even consider (either due to rain or heat or humidity or a combination there of) going outside?  Well you read a book of course , and there are a ton of new releases out there just waiting for you to pick them up. 

Here is a list of some of our recent favorites are :

1.       Camino Island by John Grisham.  Not your usual John Grisham novel.  This one is set in an Independent Bookstore in South Florida and the only lawyer to show up in it has a very small part and does not arrive until very late in the book. 

2.       Blackout by Marc Elsberg.  Fast, tense thriller about what would happen if someone were to hack into the power grids worldwide. 

3.       Bayou Sara Used to Be by Anne Butler and Helen Williams.  The history of this region is so rich and it is always good to learn more about where we live.  This fascinating book replete with photos will bring this region of our community and history into focus.

4.       Ollie’s Odessey by William Joyce.  This is a beautiful story about a boy and his favorite toy.  About “Favorites” in general and about Big Adventures.  Absolutely destined to be a classic.  Target age 7-11 (but I really liked it and I’m 49!)