Define: "Holiday"...

This coming Saturday is April 28th.  This particular Saturday has been given a name.  That name is Independent Bookstore Day, and I am conflicted.  I am conflicted because there is a part of me that says that sounds like another one of those “holidays” that are made up to sell a product or service.  You know, like the theory that Valentines Day was started to help sell greeting cards and flowers.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against receiving a nice card, a bouquet of flowers or a bit of chocolate; on Feb 14th or any day for that matter, but I can be a bit cynical and wonder why you don’t think of such things on say Feb 1st when there probably would not be such lines at restaurants and the waiters would not be so rushed.  I mean, if it takes a “holiday” to get you to pick up the flowers then I am all for the “holiday”, and I certainly would not look askance at the gift proffered, but do I think it is really a “holiday”, that is the question. 

So when Independent Bookstore Day rolls around I feel conflicted because as the owner of an Independent Bookstore I want to make it a big deal but then I ask myself does this make me a hypocrite? The bigger question should be: do you care if I am a hypocrite because the good or the bad news of it is that it is a thing, a “holiday” of sorts, and as such we are going to celebrate it.  We are going to have some in-store specials on Saturday and some of our partners are offering free stuff, and as such you really may not care what I call the day but for the record we are indeed calling it “Independent Bookstore Day”.

Here are a few of the specials you can take advantage of on Saturday… that’s right, for Independent Bookstore Day.

-          Spend $50 on Saturday and get a free Bicycle Logo Tote Bag from The Conundrum

-          We will have sweets and treats to eat on hand all day

-          Free Bookmarks (as many as you would like, the publishers sent LOTS!)

-          Create an account with our audiobook partner and get free audiobooks on April 28th.   (to create your account visit now and you will be able to download your books on Saturday )

-          All customers on Saturday will be entered in a drawing.  We will draw one winner who will win a $20 Gift certificate to The Conundrum to use on a future visit!

HAPPY INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE DAY!  We can’t wait to celebrate with you!