This girl needs her rest...

I am almost caught up on sleep.  But of course I have said that every day this week and then find myself back in bed and asleep long before 9pm each night.  I may be exhausted but I sure had a great time getting here. 

If you don’t know why I am so tired I am so sorry you obviously missed The Sixth Annual Walker Percy Weekend.  It was our biggest year yet for this wonderful event.  And it was bigger in EVERY way.  We had more guests attending all events , bigger authors and speakers, more books, more people in each session, and of course,  more bourbon, more wine,  and more fun. 

I cannot say enough about the amazing all volunteer committee that organizes this fund raiser for The Julius Freyhan Foundation each year.  This small group of people give their time year round planning this event and then work themselves silly the weekend of the event to make sure everything runs smoothly all in an effort to raise the funds to restore the abandoned Freyhan school building and turn it into a community center.  What a lucky town we are to have these giving folks in our community.   I am truly honored, and ridiculously lucky to be able to work with these folks to put this event on each year.

I cannot decide which part of the weekend was my favorite but the lectures were fabulous.  Hearing Walter Isaacson talking about Walker Percy’s search for meaning was particularly impactful.  Jessica Hooten Wilson once again garnered kudo’s for her lunch bookclub.  Rod Dreher had two fabulous  “in conversation” sessions : first with Anne Snyder on Friday and then with JD Vance mid-day on Saturday and then what can I say about David Brooks?  He had people absolutely rapt in his Saturday afternoon lecture.  And let’s just say that Tom Key has introduced an exciting new aspect to the festival with inclusion of our first theatrical presentation.  I think it is pretty safe to say that judging from the comments and emails I have received this crowd would love to see more in this vein in the future. 

And then there were the parties.  All I can say is “WOW”.  My favorite addition this year was the tent next to The Freyhan Building during the bourbon stroll where the bar Hayride Scandal led people through high end bourbon tastings , there was great music, a snoball stand, and the chance for folks to actually see the building and share our vision for what this area can be in the future.  I cannot wait until this beautiful area and building are in use every day.  What a great glimpse into what it will become.

So, another Walker Percy Weekend is in the books (pun fully intended), and of course we are already starting plans for 2020 but in the meantime we need to rest.  For those of you who have followed this blog for a while you know that soon after this event I like to disappear for a bit and travel to far flung regions to visit other bookstores but that will have to wait a bit this year because we have one more exciting event before we can set out. 

This one is big for all of you sports fans out there.  Ron Swoboda of the 1969 Miracle Mets will be traveling to our little town of St Francisville on Friday June 14, 2019 to share his new book “Here’s The Catch” with us just in time for Father’s Day a few days later.  Come meet Ron , pick up a book, and celebrate the 50th anniversary of that historic baseball season.

OK, did I mention I am still really tired from last weekend?  Well it is past my freakishly early current bedtime so it is time to wrap this up and say Good Night Friends.  Take care, we will chat more once I get just a bit more rest.