Summer Time, and the living is…Hot.

Summer time in Louisiana is a lot of things, and all of them are hot but some of them can also be fun.  Each summer St Francisville celebrates with a fabulous shopping/social event that brings in folks from near and far to celebrate the nearing of the end of summer (though probably not the end of the heat just yet – I seem obsessed with this heat things don’t I?).  Over the years the event has gone by a few monikers among them “White Linen Night”, “Polo and Pearls” and now “Vibes in the Ville”. 

 I like the new name “Vibes in the Ville”.  St Francisville is such a cool, funky town the word “Vibes” just really fits that to my mind.  This year is the perfect year to start this cool, funky new name because this weekend also marks the 50th anniversary of Woodstock,  so the addition of more music and adding the end of day gathering in the park will just add to the festivities.  Not to mention we get to costume in 60’s and 70’s garb so – I’M IN!  Dug out my bellbottoms and leather fringed vest and even some fun earrings and of course we also have some fun and fabulous tie-dyed “Vibes in the Ville” T-shirts available for sale.  You know in case you don’t have bellbottoms in your closet still (have I ever mentioned that I may be a bit of a hoarder… in a good way of course?).  Naturally, costuming is not actually required. 

I hope you can join us this Saturday, August 17, 2019, for the event.  Starting on Friday we will offer several specials at the bookshop. 

Spend $100 and get a free bicycle logo tote bag from The Conundrum.   We will hold a special “Summer of Love” sidewalk sale on used Romance Novels.  Buy any used paperback romance novel for $ 1 and hardcover used romance novels for only $2.50 each, the books will be on the “Summer of Love” table out front and marked with a pink dot.    With every purchase you will also be entered into a raffle to win a fabulous Conundrum gift basket , the winner of which will be drawn between 7pm and 10pm at the park while you enjoy the evening’s music performances.

We will have food and drinks all day Saturday  at the Bookshop and musician Chris House will perform from 4pm-6pm to bring us into sunset. 

So, while it may be hot again this weekend in the Ville the “vibe” around town will definitely be Cool.  Hope to see you at The Conundrum this weekend, I’ll be the one in totally Groovy bellbottoms!